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Overcoming Roadblocks

ROADBLOCK #1 - You Have the wrong ATTITUDE:

  • Your attitude plays a huge role in accomplishing everything.

  • Check Yourself: If you start to believe that you must have a “PERFECT PROCESS” or already have negative attitude towards the process.

  • Action Item: Before even creating your goal, start with telling yourself that You are CAPABLE, You CAN do it, and allow room for grace.

ROADBLOCK #2 – You’re Doing too Much too Fast.

  • Your initial excitement may lead you to try and take on multiple new behaviors & action items that align with your bigger goal or multiple goals.

  • Check Yourself: If you become overwhelmed and less motivated due to restrictions, check lists & calendars.

  • Action Item: Choose one area of life/goal and ‘work that plan” until you master it and then move on to another area.

ROADBLOCK #3 – Your Goals Are Vast & Vague

  • Your goals may be vast, vague and unspecific making it harder or even impossible to achieve them.

  • Check Yourself: If your goal lacks specific guidelines.

  • Action Item: Be as specific as possible! Many of you have heard of the popular acronym SMART, which is helpful in setting goals that are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

ROADBLOCK #4 – You’re Easily Influenced

  • You’re basing your goals/plan on your peers, social media influences and culture.

  • Check Yourself: If you focus on a goal/plan based on someone’s else success, opinion, or experience, we are all so different and doing this will cause you to face an immediate roadblock.

  • Action Item: Take account of all aspects of your life into consideration when creating a goal. There is nothing wrong with seeking advice based on someone’s experience, but their plan may not work for you and your lifestyle.

Whether or not you see your personal roadblock in this list of most common roadblocks, the key to overcoming all roadblocks is creating a plan of action. Need more help developing your goals, working through triggers & starting new behaviors?

Here’s a FREE DOWNLOAD, “Habit Stacking Guide” a roadmap to goal setting to help you overcome your roadblocks!

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