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Resolution Revolt Small Group Training


The Resolution Revolt Program consist of:

 9 In Person Classes per month to be held Tuesday & Thursday at 7:00 PM PST - 7:40 PST 
In Glendora at King's Gym


It’s a New Year Fit Blitz with FitsLana's Small Group Training geared to help you conquer your resolutions!


Join Resolution Revolt Boot Camp for 4.5 weeks and sculpt a stronger, healthier you! 

Each workout will be unique and designed to help you sculpt your physique  and shed body fat!

 What to Expect:

- High-Intensity Workouts

- Guidance from FitsLana 

- #fitslanasmealplan 

- Supportive Community

-  Sustainable Results


Workouts designed to target all muscle groups and improve the 5 components of fitness:


  1. cardio endurance

  2. muscular strength

  3. muscular endurance

  4. flexibility

  5. body composition


From body weight activation warm-ups, to free weights, machines and more Sculpt & Shed Small Group Training is for

all fitness levels & any woman  who wants to

Rewire her relationship with & fitness

Become stronger and learn proper and effective exercise form r & learn

Regain & gain more confidence

Value herself again

Gift Bag Included 

Samples of My Fave Supplements 

FitsLana LABB Band 

1 Free Meal from @lytebite 

$100 (9 Classes)

Limited Availability - 7 Spots ONLY

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