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This 4 week booty building ebook is based on my iconic in-person and ZOOM class, LABB, Legs, Abs Booty Blast!


This ebook look like my LABB class has been strategically designed to lift, shape and tone our best assets!


Core & waist whittling exercises are incorporated to make sure we accentuate those back side gains!


Focused on sculpting your best pair of legs yet The LABB Guide includes:

  1. A 4 Week Progressive Workout Plan Booty Building
  2. Over 60 LABB Exercises
  3. 14 Unique Workouts
  4. Glute Activation Warm-Ups, Booty Blasts & Burnouts
  5. LABB Daily Calendar
  6. Tips for Measuring & Tracking Progress
  7. Nutrition Tips for Booty Gains
  8. Water & Hydration Facts

The Glute Guide

$40.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
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