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I can’t express how grateful I feel to have somebody like Lana in my life to inspire me to be a better me not just in fitness but as a woman, and a person.


I’ve crossed this path in my life where I am finally happy with who I am and have accepted me. All my flaws and perfect imperfections I now find beautiful! Thank you so, so much, Lana! 


I’m not always enrolled in Virtual Private Training, LABB PASS or a monthly LABB Challenge but I am always plugged and follow Lana’s inspirational post and love the advice & tips she shares in her newsletter, “The 411 with Fits L.” 


I thank you, Lana for allowing me to go at my own pace, somewhat slower, and not super restrictive but still with the slight changes I’ve made amazing progress & am proud of my accomplishments! In just 6 weeks I’m down 4.5 inches in my waist! Thank you for doing what you do!
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In 2018 Chelcie started training with me 2-3 days a week at the local gym.  Although she liked me, she really dreaded lifting weights & going to the gym. She did share that she enjoyed weekend hikes with her family and that was the perfect place for us to start!

I wanted to share her story this week to encourage all of you to START your journey!

 “My husband and I wanted to change our lifestyles & started going to the gym. We noticed Lana working out & inquired about her services for me. I knew she was serious when in the last minute of my workout I told her I was so happy we didn’t do push-ups and she immedtealy made me do modify push-ups. I loved her

focus, energy, knowledge & tenacity but I absolutely couldn’t stand going to the gym. I was nervous to share my feelings with Lana but to my surprise instead of being disapppinted and making me feel guilty she said, “That’s okay. What are you willing to do consistently?”

I was blown away, instead of trying to convince me on the benefits of the gym she decided to dig deeper and find out what I needed to be successful. After sharing about my familys desire to hike more and our interest in Keto she immediately jumped into overdrive and created a structured plan tailored for  me.  I don’t know many trainers, nor have I worked with anyone other than Lana, but I know if it wasn’t for her flexibility, array of knowledge and constant support I wouldn’t be where I was today”



I never really believed in myself. I always struggled with my weight, but never had the courage to do something about it. Working with Lana for over 2 years I was able to lose over 100 pounds! I learned to eat carbs again, i started lifting heavier,

I tried things with Lana I'd never try alone. And now, I'm the one in the gym motivating others, sharing workouts, and giving advice.

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When my doctor told me that I was prediabetic I knew that something had to be changed. Not knowing where to start I sought out professional help, and that was when I met FitsLana through Instagram #Covina.  Lana’s training has been the catalysts to so many changes in my life. Her physical training taught me that I am stronger that I thought, her meal plans have helped me feel the best I‘ve ever felt in my entire life, and her encouraging words helped me build a mindset that’s allowed me to fall in love with fitness.I am no longer prediabetic and am in the best shape of my life.

Malyssa M Progress Photo - Bikini Trio.J


I love working with Lana because she’s not just a trainer, she’s more! She focuses on what my goals are and knows everyone’s different and understands me as an individual. With her customized nutrition plans and LABB class I lost 15 pounds! I am obsessed with her LABB workouts. I am always sweating and feel so good after those workouts! I go all out and give my full effort for the entire 30 minutes, and it leaves my legs burning and my booty plump!!! Lana gave me the tools to change my health, fitness and nutrition approach! I learned its not just about weightless its about lifestyle!



I first met Lana in 2014 after a trip to Hawaii proved how uncomfortable I was in my own  body.  At that time I had superficial fitness goals to tone up without bulking up.  Since meeting and training with Lana I’ve found and watched my fitness goals and fitness journey evolve from “toning up” to wanting to eat healthier while still enjoying my daily meals, being stronger not lighter, and to aim for better daily habits so I stop looking for “cheat days” but started using the 80/20 approach!  Lana’s worked with me during both my pregnancies, the first up to 36 weeks, and the second until 32 weeks. Each pregnancy everyone commented on how I was “all baby” because from behind you wouldn’t be able to tell I was pregnant. 

Valine P Progress Photo - Bikini.PNG


After my second child I wasn’t shedding the post baby fat as quickly as my first  and it was hurting my confidence, and I didnt dress in front of my husband! I was starting to lack motivation to go to the gym because I wasn’t seeing results, but Lana’s personal training and nutrition guidance changed that!It’s because of Lana’s boot camps, personal training and nutrition plans that my life has changed. Lana is my inspiration every time I get into the gym and every time I'm meal prepping.

Since working with Lana I am surprisingly, very proud of myself! I feel better about my body image, and I've got the numbers, progress photos & bikini photo to prove it. When I started with Lana I started with Online Private Training & a Customized Nutrition Coaching Plan, and honestly, I was focused on my eating than I am on my workouts. Needless to say that Lana’s sessions & the workouts she gives me are still kicking my butt, but my eating is where I mentally needed to focus. Even with all the family trips and outings, I was still surprised to see results because it wasn't as "clean eating" as I wanted it to be. Being in a household where the diet is completely separate from mine was hard at first, but Lana’s support helped me work through the cravings & new approach. She taught me how to meal prep for myself and get into the rhythm of things. Now that I have the eating somewhat down & see results, I can put a little more focus into my workouts with quality over quantity. I’m adding LABB in person & continuing cardio 2-3x a week! Lana has been so supportive since Feb 2021 she keeps it real & keeps me accountable on all fronts and that's all I could ask for :)”


Lana Davis

I couldn't share testimonials without sharing my own! I was my first client, my very own guinea pig, and my trial and error season. I started working out just 5 minutes a day in my bedroom to Kim Kardashians workout video.

At 165 I never imagined I'd be a resource, influencer and coach to so many, but I am BLESSED!

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