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Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking habits isn’t as simple as a 21-day fix, it requires a continued effort everyday and more than anything it requires MINDFULNESS!

Ready to start aligning your habits with your goals? Click here for my free Habit Stacking Sheet and let me walk you through each step!

Identify the Behavior you Want to Change.

  • What behavior do you want to change?

  • Why do you want to change this behavior?

  • Set S.M.A.R.T goals.

Identify the triggers.

  • What causes you to desire your behavior/habit?

  • Most will say boredom, stress, sadness.

  • This is an important step, understanding the stressor/trigger will help you overcome the behavior.

Deal with the triggers

  • How can you change and cut out the triggers?

  • Be realistic, is it possible to cut the trigger? You can’t divorce your husband for eating cookies, throw out the fridge or control seeing a fast-food restaurant on your drive home.

  • Sometimes cutting out triggers mean you’ll be working backwards.

Replace it with something better.

  • Removing the trigger will cause gaps in your normal routine.

  • Fill in those gaps with behaviors that align with your goals.

  • Learn Healthy snack swaps & healthy activities.

  • Reward yourself with things that align with your goal.

Create new triggers.

  • Start habit stacking your “new” habits with your existing habits.

  • Adding a new habit to an existing habit will trick your mind into completing the task.

  • Habit Stacking is a highly effective way to create new triggers.

Notice your words and thoughts.

  • Positive self-talk and thoughts are important for your self-esteem and success.

  • What do you speak/think about yourself?

  • Learn new Positive Self Talk statements to replace negative self-talk statements.

Support yourself.

  • Write it out & keep a journal write out your emotions when you feel triggers.

  • Create a support group, join a group, or a challenge that supports your goals!

  • You don’t have to do this alone, whether you hire a professional or do this with friends.

Set your Self up for Success.

  • Hire or consult a professional that can help you achieve your goals.

  • By committing to changing your habits you may have extra cash to invest in the help.

  • Do research, yes, the internet is full of confusing information but with enough time you can find valuable FREE 411!


  • Don’t wait for next Monday, next week or month!

  • Start doing something today that will move you closer to your goal.

  • It’s the small things you do consistently that make a big difference.

  • If you want to change, amend or adjust a habit I always suggest Habit Stacking that “new habit” to something you already do! It will take time for the habit to stick, be patient. Making a new habit a regular routine can take up to 90 days or more, so patience & grace are most definitely necessary. Download this FREE “Habit Stacking Homework” so you can start slaying those bad habits and thriving.

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