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It's time for a little homework:


If you want to change, amend or adjust a habit I always suggest Habit Stacking that “new habit” to something you already do! It will take time for the habit to stick, be patient. Making a new habit a regular routine can take up to 90 days or more, so patience & grace are most definitely necessary.


Use this strategicallydesigned  road map to help you move towards seting goals, creating actions & achieving your goals.


Fits Lana's Habit Stacking Guide (5pgs) include:

  1. Steps to Breaking Habits - 9 Steps to Breaking Habits
  2. Habit Stacking Roadmap - Questions & Prompts to Start breaking the Cycle
  3. ONE Habit Stacking Roadmap Sheet - blank this your HW
  4. FOUR Goals, Action Items & Daily Steps Chart - blank this is your HW
  5. ONE Daily Fitness Planner - blank this your HW


Track your moods, daily affirmations, workouts, meals, water intake & more!

Habit Stacking Guide

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