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Summer Sabotage

It’s what you do “most of the time” that matters most and not what you do “some of the time” so let’s make sure our behaviors align with our goals most of the time! Stay on track this summer by following my tips for Surviving Summer Sabotage. Learn More!

1. Don’t Drink Empty Alcohol Calories: Summer is notorious for outdoor activities like, music festivals, summer soirees, street fairs and a myriad of opportunities to imbibe outside with friends. You can still enjoy family, friends, food and all of summer’s seasonal pleasures without overdoing the alcohol. Drinking can be a fun activity, but those yummy drinks are full of sugar and empty calories. Some fruity drinks like Margaritas & Pina Colada have 500-800 calories.

Action Item: Try brands with less calories, clean up any traditional cocktails and make it a skinny version by mixing with simple spirits and water or having it on the rocks.

2. Plan and Prioritize real exercise. Just because you’re hanging at the beach, lounging by the pool or having brunch on a roof top it doesn’t mean you’re working out. Sometimes it’s easy to confuse being outdoors, with actual outdoor activities.

Action Item: Take your workout outside and take advantage of the better weather. Plan a hike or power walk with friends, (add one pound wrist/ankle weights to really step up the intensity), swim laps at your local pool or beach, or take an hour-long intense bike ride to a great destination. Roller Skating has made a huge comeback, and many are using it a fun form of cardio.

3. Avoid Binging at BBQ’s Choose the healthy eating options while at the BBQ. You can still have your burger, but maybe have swap the bun for lettuce so you can still enjoy Mom’s Potato Salad. Summer is a fun time and it’s perfect for tasty treats. Enjoy those items in moderation practicing the 80/20 Rule while at the BBQ.

Action Item: Fill up on a Protein Shake before the event. Try swapping hamburger buns for lettuce. Start by filling up on fruit and healthier options while chatting. Bring baked chips, veggie chips or instead of traditional potato chips. And always practice the 80/20 Rule.

4. Stay Hydrated.When you’re dehydrated you have low energy, tend to bloat and may become constipated. And summer makes it very easy to fall into a state of dehydration unexpectedly.

Action Item: Alcohol consumption, sweating from heat and humidity and electrolyte depletion makes it easy to become dehydrated. Add Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) and other electrolytes and replenish often in order to maintain adequate hydration. When dehydrated make sure to replenish with BCAA’s or other electrolytes to get your system back to normal.

5. Create a Summer Schedule: Many of us have more free time in the summer due to Summer Hours, vacation time or other flexibility the season allows. Summer fun is great, but make sure this lack of structure does not get in the way of maintaining health habits. That regular trip to the gym may fall away if you aren’t in your usual routine. And with recent Lifting of Social Distance Restrictions, it’s easy to lift your new behaviors, habits & routines.

Action Item: Create a new “Summer Schedule” so you can still prioritize your workouts, trips to the grocery store and planning meals and snacks. Be thoughtful with your schedule & allow yourself some grace BUT HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE!

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