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Curb Cravings with these Snacking Swaps

Cravings are real and there's no denying that we all crave something sweet, salty, crunchy, bubbly or tart once in a while, some of us more than others. Now I'm not going to get into why you may crave sugar more than someone else, but I will say there is a time & a place to indulge in those cravings.

If your actively working on dropping body fat, increasing muscle mass and sculpting your physique you'll want to avoid satisfying your sweet-tooth with your normal "go-to's," but instead try and swap it out for a healthier option. This doesn't mean you'll never partake in banana pudding, chips and dip, or peach cobbler it just simply means that in this season you're making different choices.

Craving something bubbly try.... kombucha, sugar free carbonated drinks.

Craving sugars, breads, processed foods try... high protein foods, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, beans., chickpea pasta, low carb bread.

Craving something salty try.... fatty fish, nuts, seeds.

Carving something crunchy try.....popcorn, veggies chips, carrots, pretzel thins, baked chips.

Message me if you need additional help curbing those cravings, swapping snacks, calculating your numbers and creating a sustainable nutrition plan.

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