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5 Cues for an Effective Squat

Squats are the best compound move known to man! I know everybody has done a squat challenge by now and we all want to see and feel the results in our back side and legs. However, for some of us no matter how much we squat we just cant seem to feel or see the results and at this point you don’t know why, so I want to share a few pointers, keys, and cues to focus on when doing any squat…

Here’s a quick list of 5 Cues for an Effective Squat:

1. Stand with your feet just at shoulder with apart to allow proper depth for the squat. This may vary depending on the squat type of muscle focus.

2. Focus on posture and pull your shoulder blades back and contract your core to maintain neutral spine.

3. To maintain proper position keep your eyes focused forward, or on a specific spot.

4. Maintain pressure in heel and mid foot and push your weight back on your heels.

5. Do not let your legs and knees buckle or come inward and focus on driving the knees outward as you come up from the squat.

6. Lift with intensity (depending on the squat variation) & focus on pushing through the heels & squeezing the glutes at the top.


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