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Why, water....

Whether you use a water bottle or jug, glasses, cups or mason jars it’s really important you stay hydrated with clean water. Adult humans are 60% water and our blood is 90% water. There are equations to help calculate how much water one should drink, but there is no universally agreed quantity of water.

Water is essential for healthy kidneys and our most important bodily functions. When we find ourselves dehydrated it’s not just about quenching our thirst but returning our body to it’s normal homeostasis.

Forms saliva and mucus: Saliva helps us digest our food and keeps the mouth, nose, and eyes moist. Drinking water also keeps the mouth clean, it can also reduce tooth decay.

Lubricates the joints: Cartilage, found in joints and the disks of the spine, contains around 80% water. When we are dehydrated for long periods of time it can reduce the joints’ shock-absorbing ability which leads to joint pain.

Delivers oxygen throughout the body: Our blood is more than 90% water and blood carries oxygen to different parts of the body.

Boosts skin health and beauty: Hydrating the skin can help your skin from becoming vulnerable to skin disorders and premature wrinkling.

Cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues: Water is necessary in the production of hormones and neurotransmitters. When suffering from dehydration it can affect brain structure and function and lead to problems with thinking and reasoning.

Regulates body temperature: Water that is stored in the middle layers of the skin comes to the skin’s surface as sweat when the body heats up and as it evaporates, it cools the body.

Digestive system depends on it: The bowel needs water to work properly and when we are dehydrated it can lead to digestive problems, constipation, and an overly acidic stomach. This increases the risk of heartburn and stomach ulcers.

Flushes body waste: Water is needed in the processes of sweating and removal of urine and feces.

Helps maintain blood pressure: A lack of water can cause blood to become thicker, increasing blood pressure.

Airways need it: When dehydrated the human airways are restricted by the body in an effort to minimize water loss. This can make asthma and allergy symptoms worse.

Prevents kidney damage: The kidneys regulate fluid in the body, insufficient water can lead to kidney stones and other problems.

I drink my fair share of water but I haven’t always been this way. It wasn’t until I realized how important water was to all my body functions that I made it a priority. I hope today is the day you start drinking more water, by simply drinking 8 ounces when you wake up, drinking water with every meal, and a glass 30 minutes or so before bed.

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