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Weekend Sabotage

Updated: May 13, 2023

Don't let the weekend sabotage AND SHENANIGANS derail your results. I know so many of you spend the entire week checking off your workouts, healthy meals & steps BUT the moment you clock out on Friday you seem to think those WEEKEND CALORIES DON'T COUNT, but ya girl FitsLana is here to tell you, "WEEKEND CALORIES COUNT TOO!”

We all want to relax, let go, and chill out on the weekend but what good does any of that do if we are uncomfortable, sluggish, and insecure in our own skin. No, you cannot cut completely lose but you can enjoy the freedom of the weekend while maintaining your efforts and staying aligned with your goals.

Try implementing these 4 tips for Avoiding, The NOTORIOUS WEEKEND SABOTAGE!

  1. TRY TO STICK TO YOUR NORMAL ROUTINE AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE: Weekend schedules vary and that's usually where we make our first mistake. Try to keep your routine and feeding schedule as normal as possible. If you have a big breakfast and skip lunch that's okay, have a light snack and keep your dinner to lean protein and dark greens for dinner.

  2. EXERCISE AT LEAST ONCE ON SATURDAY OR SUNDAY: You can't take both days off, it just doesn't work. So choose which day you want to workout, dance or move with intent but do it & do it for 30 minutes or more.

  3. DESSERT OR DRINKS? YOU CANT HAVE BOTH SO CHOOSE WISELY 2 DRINK MINIMUM: Drinking is fun but it's also poison and puts your organs through a lot of stress. So whether you decide to drink or have dessert choose one, and choose wisely. Avoid sugary drinks and select drinks with natural ingredients. Share a yummy dessert at dinner & don't keep tempting desserts in the house.

  4. EAT TWO SERVINGS OF VEGGIES BOTH SATURDAY & SUNDAY: Add veggies to your breakfast, opt for dark greens for a side dish when eating out, snack on cucumbers, celery and carrots when just chilling.

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