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Power of Protein

Highly recommended, High Protein Diets offer more than physical benefits but they:






Protein helps build muscle, repair tissue, support healthy red blood cells, create enzymes for better digestion and regulates hormones.

Aid in stronger nails & hairs

Healthy Digestion

Helps to build strong bones

Lowers blood pressure

Oxygenate to help supply your body with nutrients

But the reason they are so successful at helping with fat loss is because:

Protein Builds muscle – the more muscle your body has you increase the calories you burn at rest and your body burns fat more efficiently.

High protein diets curbs hunger by keeping you fuller longer especially when paired with complex carbs and veggies – especially with late night snacking

Protein requires more calories to digest – thus you’ll burn more calories at rest

Reduces muscle loss: sometimes while losing fat you may lose muscle mass also. Protein helps reduce muscle mass while cutting.

Helps maintain weight loss by creating more muscle mass you’ll burn fat more efficiently and allow you to maintain weight loss.

Now, I know the next question is “how much protein should I eat?” and I’d love to give you a basic calculation but even if I did would you really know what to do with that information? Reach out and let’s chat about your daily caloric needs in protein, carbs & fats!

Remember ladies, everybody is different so if you’re making major changes to your nutrition plan make sure to consult with your physician, work with an experienced coach & pay attention to your body not just the physical changes.

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