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Well Fed, but Undernourished, VITAMINS 101

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Although America is one of the heaviest & most obese countries we are also the most nutrient deficient.

Nutritional deficiency occurs when the body is not getting enough nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

This means that although WE EAT A LOT we aren't eating the right stuff. So we are consuming more than we need but aren't receiving any of the good stuff we need!

Did you know that 50% of Americans are deficient in vitamin A, vitamin C, and magnesium? When we talk about our essential vitamins and minerals I want to make sure I say this, YOU CAN AND YOU SHOULD consume your vitamins and minerals through a diet high in fruits, veggies and whole foods.

Now, that takes focus and strategy and that's why we take multivitamins and supplements. They help make up for what we may be missing with our nutrition efforts.

Check out the list below of ESSENTIAL VITAMINS & MINERALS as well as the

BIG 6 Vitamins for Women’s Health.

Now these are the basics and many of us will need to modify and add specific vitamins for our personal needs.

But when looking to start or wondering if have you a “good” multivitamin make sure to check the back for the TOP 6 using FitsLana’s Top 6 Vitamin Check List, I even share some natural healthy foods you can pick up to supplement.

We want to ADD a multivitamin to our NUTRITION EFFORTS, which means you should first start with eating more whole foods!

Here's a quick hack to EATING MORE MINERALS & VEGGIES

  1. eat more fruits

  2. eat more veggies

  3. eat more whole foods

  4. add a quality supplement & consult your Doctor

  5. Learn more about the vitamins & minerals in the foods you eat daily

  6. Check out my MultiVItamin here

  7. Set Up a FREE consult to chat about supplements & vitamins HERE

A diet high in a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole foods is the first step to improving vitamin deficiencies and avoiding them in the future!

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