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5 Ways to fit in 30 min of fitness

1. Plan your workout: Pick 3 Days & Times you know work best for you. Choose times when your children are sleeping or before the family wakes up.

2. Make it Social: Ask a friend to walk with you everyday or jump on a Zoom workout.

3. Take back your lunch: If you're allowed 15-30 minutes for lunch this is the perfect amount of time for a fitness punch.

4. Do just one circuit: Pick 5 exercises and do just 1 round or circuit. Sometimes less is more, just get something done.

5. Workout from home: Eliminate travel time and workout at home. Even if you just hit a few body weight exercises for a few rounds everyday.

6. Join FITSLANA’S LABB: We meet 4 days a week for 30 minutes. Whether you join the LIVE workout on complete the workouts On Demand you'll want to check out all the deets by clicking the link...

Unless you’re training for a performance sport you just want to feel accomplished & look good! 30 minutes 5-6 days a week will help you achieve that & FitsLana’s LABB provides that!

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