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Why Fat Loss is more Important

There is a big difference in losing weight & losing fat and if you don’t know you could end up losing what you don’t want to lose!

When you lose weight you also lose muscle so to counteract that muscle loss you’ll want to follow a nutrition and fitness approach that will SUPPORT, MAITAIN AND GROW YOUR MUSCLE MASS. If you focus on losing body fat, you’ll maintain more muscle resulting in the desired results.

It’s easy to fixate on“weight loss” and your body weight, but if you invest in the proper tools you’ll be able to monitor and track your body’s progress in a more meaningful way. Losing Fat will help up us tighten up so we want to track



3. BMI

Our weight in pounds only tells us what we weigh against gravity and there’s room for interpretation.

Here’s are a few of my favorite ways to track my progress!

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