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New Year, New Focuses..

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

We are all so quick to say what WE WANT TO DO, YET, we often forget the how we plan to do it. So much of achieving your goals is about creating daily habits, behaviors and tasks that support your larger goal.

If you aren't committing to the journey daily you'll probably find it more difficult to achieve your goals.

Take some time to review my S.E.L.F NEW YEAR FOCUSES that will help create sustainable evolution for a lifestyle focus. Need more help setting creating your goals and a plan of action sign up for a free GOALS & GAINS CONSULT

Save Money: Audit your expenses & create & stick to a budget.

Eat Healthier: Cook a new healthy recipe a week. Make extra so you can pack a healthy lunch, even if you're working from your!

Drink Less Alcohol: Learn fancy new mocktail recipes. Set boundaries about, when, where and who you drink with.

Drink More Water: Drink from a larger water jug. Set water goals.

Learn a New Hobby: Commit to daily practice & Immerse yourself into the community and groups.

Become More Active: Take the stairs whenever possible. Schedule walks during lunch & after dinner! Have solo dance parties!

Read More Books: Start a book club with a friend or get paid for book reviews online.

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