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Keep the CARBS

Ask most women and they’ll tell you, “they watch their carbs,” as if it’s a badge of honor, but really, it tells me they still don’t understand the benefits and necessity of carbs.

For instance, if you cut out carbs you’ll be skipping out on fiber (CHECK OUT MORE ON FIBER HERE) a carbohydrate that aids in digestion, helps you feel full, and keeps blood cholesterol levels in check.

Carbohydrates are foods that get converted into:

1. glucose, or sugar, in our bodies during digestion.

Glucose is a main source of fuel for our body. It is especially important for the brain, which cannot easily use other fuel sources (such as fat or protein) for energy.

Now don’t take my advice as an excuse to eat just any and every carb in your kitchen, like I’ve suggested before you’ll want to select quality carbohydrates.

EAT MORE: Complex carbohydrates:

1. Grain products, such as whole grain bread, crackers, pasta and rice.

2. Some vegetables — corn, peas, white and sweet potatoes, and butternut and winter squash — are high in starch.

EAT LESS: Simple carbohydrates:

1. Sugars found in foods such as table sugar, honey, dairy products, fruit and fruit juice.

2. Desserts: cakes, cookies and donuts

3. Snacks: chips, crackers & bread


1. If you see whole or whole grain listed as the first ingredient

2. the product probably is mostly whole grain, but also has refined grains.

3. Pick products with the words 100% whole grain in the ingredient list.

4. Don't rely on the front of the package or color of the food!


A common suggestion is to use measuring cups to help you with portion control but if your goals to drop body fat or put on mass you’ll want to be more precise with your servings.

I’d love to say just eat a ½ cup of carbs but everyone is different and all carbs are not created equal. It’s important to learn your numbers to best fuel yourself.

If you aren’t sure how to calculate your numbers join me on 2/28/21 at the Nutrition 101 Seminar where I’ll be walking you through the calorie calculations.

Ladies, where you know your exact numbers or estimate please do not be that girl, educate yourselves, eat your carbs & don’t forget to SLAY!

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