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Does Sweating Better your Workouts?

Sweating is our bodies cooling process to get back to a steadier body temperature and for many of us sweating has become the way we measure the intensity of our workouts.

We love to feel as if we’ve killed our workouts by dripping sweat but I have to be honest and and let you know; SWEATING DOESN’T EQUAL SUCCESS. Throughout the years the assumption that sweating is a great indicator of calories burned has become extremely popular. But everybody is different and sweats differently.

Sweating although a positive process, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve had an effective and progressive workout. Some people don’t sweat as much due to health conditions & smaller sweat glands.

Sweating can be caused by the exercises, the environment, your health and supplements you may take. So instead of measuring your workouts by the amount you sweat, measure your workouts by:

1. Tracking Exercises:

Write your exercises out and increase your weight, sets & reps progressively.

2. Tracking Distance, Time:

When walking, jogging, jump roping & swimming track your distance and time.

3. Tracking Resistance, Incline & Speed: When using cardio machines track your progress by an increase in resistance, incline & speed.

Sweating is a positive and if you’re a heavy sweater, that’s great. But if you aren’t don’t be discouraged stay focused on the MEASURABLE ways you’ve improved each week & implement nutrition habits that support your workouts.

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