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Check your Cart - Shop Smart

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Healthy eating starts at the market! And if you’re like most people you struggle at the market. You either shop while hungry or you go without a list either way you’ll never change your nutrition efforts unless you change the way you shop and start at the source..THE GROCERY STORE!

Early on my journey I learned 6 Healthy Shopping Tips that I still use & I want to share those with you because I know some of you are still doing shopping ALL WRONG!

1. Come prepared with a list: Plan your menu, choose a few items per feeding time & snack. Writing a list will keep you focused on the healthy items, save time & money!

2. Shop the outer aisles: Yeap, it’s cliché, and yeap, I am saying it, focus on purchasing the majority of your items from the outer aisles where the fresh foods like veggies, fruits, whole grains, dairy, fish and lean meats are usually stocked. And find your healthy staples and snacks like frozen fruits and vegetables, canned or dry beans, and instant oatmeal in the center aisles.

3. Read nutrition labels: The key to success is understanding the nutrition labels. What is the serving size, how many grams of protein, carbs & fats per serving. And what the heck is the item really made of and with? Learning to decipher labels is an empowering tool and habit you should all start today!

4. Explore the produce section: I know we were all forced to eat veggies and fruits as kid, well at least, I hope! If you are new to this, you’ll need to explore, try new things and be okay with lots of trial & error. You’ll need to find fruits & veggies you like & prepare them in a healthy but yummy way.

5. Buy frozen & canned: Contrary to what we’ve been taught frozen canned fruits & veggie are OKAY! They are more affordable and have a longer shelf life. But you will notice Number 2 tip suggest you “explore the produce section” because you should still purchase a few fresh items to cook and eat sooner than later.

6.Check your cart: Before you leave CHECK YOUR CART. Do you have everything you need for your weekly recipes & snacks? Did you buy any veggies, what are your protein, carb & fat sources for the week? This last check should be your last ditch effort to leave the junk at the store & only bring in items that are conducive to your goals!

Remember most of you are the gatekeepers to your kitchen! So do your best to bring in items you know will keep your families full, fueled & healthy!



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