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When’s the best time to work out?


If you’re like me, you probably prefer getting your workouts done earlier in the day. AM workouts are the perfect way to start your day and help you stay consistent. Waiting to work out later in the day may not happen due to both distractions & priorities.

AM workouts also help you make heathier choices throughout the day and we all know how hard the remaining hours can be! Working out early may give you a more positive approach to your day resulting in more sustainable habits and results.

Because everyone is different our sleep patterns and schedules may cause us to have more energy later in the day, in this case, AM workouts may be less enjoyable and challenging to complete. Remember, you should be proud and enjoy your workouts, if you don’t feel that way then you’ll be less likely to stay consistent. Also, our bodies are all different so if you find yourself stiff and sore in the mornings you may also be stiff during your workouts compromising proper form.


Believe it or not some people have more energy during their evening workouts. Typically, by 4pm-8pm most people have been up and somewhat active for most of the day leading to an increase & improvement in anaerobic, strength and power.

PM workouts may not be for you if you struggle to stick a routine and are easily distracted! We are extremely busy, and our busy schedules may prevent us from completing out workouts later in the day. Plus, working out in the evening can delay your cool down time, sleep time, and REM sleep phase.

As you see there are Pro & Cons to both AM & PM workouts, but the most important factor is what works best for you and your life. You want to choose days & times that will help you stay consistent, the more consistent you are, the sooner you’ll see a shift in your habits and results in your physique! Lastly, keep in mind the best time to work out may change in each changing season of life, so be FLEXIBLE!

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