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5 Facts about Proper Form

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

We are constantly inundated with fitness influences it really is hard to know whether we are completing exercise safely and with proper form. And because we are all different, we may need to begin with modifications and adapt exercises to progress safely and properly. With all the fitness styles & forms 5 things are for sure and FACTUAL about form! 1. Avoids Injury: when you learn to properly execute exercise you will avoid injuries and pain during and after workouts.

2. Illicit Proper Muscles: when executed correctly you will illicit the proper/intended muscle groups. A lot of you wonder why you “don’t feel it” in certain areas & that can be due to improper form.

3. Reach Goals: when you prioritize proper form you will reach you goals effectively & efficiently, and possibly more quickly due to proper muscle engagement.

4. Allows for Progression: when you learn to execute exercises with proper form you will be able to progress movements by adding weights, bands, bars, machines & other fitness equipment.

5. Core is Key: it doesn’t matter what exercises you’re completing, whether cardio, lifting or even jump rope CORE IS KEY! When you learn to properly engage your core, understand the pelvic tilt, and how to brace the core you will find you immediately improve your form in most exercises.

If you aren’t sure if your form is point, maybe you should commit to a personal training package to help educate & empower you to workout confidently & safely!

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