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Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Boosting your energy naturally is a lot easier than you think, check out my TIPS FOR BOOSTING YOUR ENERGY & let’s implement a few this week!

ACTION ITEM 1: Drink Lemon Water

  • Drinking water provides many health benefits. And adding lemon to your water is a simple and easy way to boost energy!

  • While not only keeping you hydrated, but lemon water also improves mood, promotes weight loss, improves athletic performance, provides antioxidants, lowers inflammation and removes toxins.

  • Start your morning off with a glass of lemon water, water or a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar.

  • Continue to drink water & lemon water throughout the day.

ACTION ITEM 2: Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

  • Yes, I said, reduce your caffeine intake to increase your energy.

  • Caffeine is a stimulant that only increases energy and alertness in the short-term

  • Long term use or in high amounts, caffeine can cause fatigue, increase anxiety and disrupted sleep cycles.

  • Whatever boost of energy you get from coffee and caffeine must be paid back with quality sleep & rest.

  • You don’t have to cut out coffee and caffeine completely, instead go for high-quality caffeine products like coffee, tea, and cacao and reduce your intake and sugars.

  • Start your day with a small cup of coffee but switch to green tea or warm lemon water afterward.

ACTION ITEM 3: Change Up Your Exercise Routine

  • Exercise is not a punishment.

  • Different types of exercises have different benefits and outcomes.

  • Exercise increase energy.

  • If you start you feel more exhausted than energized after your workout, try something new.

  • Avoid intense cardio or high intensity training and focus on resistance weight training.

  • Weight training, Pilates, Tai Chi & yoga are all great ways to boost energy!

ACTION ITEM 4: Move Your Body

  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and try to lead an active lifestyle to improves energy.

  • An active lifestyle just means moving your beautiful body with intent & purpose!

  • Frequent activity improves circulation in the body and boosts mood, both of which naturally enhance energy.

  • Try do a little throughout the day to break of your sedentary lifestyle.

    • Example: Walk during your lunch or break at work.

    • Example: Choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

    • Example: Park further from the entrance when out and about.

    • Example: Taking micro-breaks at work to stand up and stretch every few hours.

ACTION ITEM 5: Create a Bedtime Ritual

  • Focus on healthy sleep habits to boost energy.

  • Quality sleep is where our cells heal, repair, rejuvenate and recharge!

  • Create a bedtime ritual that promotes sleep.

  • By performing a bedtime ritual every night, it primes our brain to expect sleep after it’s done.

    • Action Item: Stop using screens one hour before the desired bedtime.

    • Action Item: Stretch and foam roll before bed or the shower.

    • Action Item: Drink a cup of herbal tea, like valerian root, passionflower or chamomile.

    • Action Item: Avoid physical activity one hour before bed.

ACTION ITEM 6: Skip the Sugar

  • Sugar may give us a short-term boost of energy, however, that boost is often followed by energy crashes.

  • The rise and fall of blood sugar levels have massive effects on our energy throughout the day.

  • Sugar is one food that spikes blood sugar the most!

ACTION ITEM 7: Eat Clean

  • A diet full of whole foods is a great way to sustain energy throughout the day and reduce fatigue.

  • Follow a nutrient dense diet made of fresh fruits and veggies, protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs.

  • Food is our fuel, so we need to make sure we’re eating enough of the right stuff throughout the day.

If you aren’t sure you how to implement these action items to boost your energy naturally, BOOK YOUR FREE GOALS & GAINS CONSULT!

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