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Meal Prepping for One

I’m not sure of all the obstacles you face with your nutrition efforts, but if meal prepping for one seems discouraging or wasteful this blog post is for you.

Whether single or living with others meal prepping or cooking for one is not easy. So, before you plan for next week’s meal prep first, assess your approach and secondly, make amendments using these Pro Tips!

Pro Tip 1: Plan Further Ahead

When creating your menu try and plan for two weeks at a time. This will help you save money, avoid waste & create a routine.

Pro Tip: Write out your own mock-menus and meal plans for easy access! Or check out Customized FitsLana’s Meal Plan I can design just for you.

Pro Tip 2: Frozen Items Work

The frozen section isn’t just filled with processed foods, you can actually save money on produce by purchasing frozen fruits & veggies. You can also freeze some of your fresh produce if you aren’t using it quickly.

Pro Tip: Freeze seasonal produce, purchase frozen veggies & keep them portioned for preparing small one meal skillets.

Pro Tip 3: Don’t Neglect Your Protein

Lean animal protein sources are known to be the most effective way to eliminate cravings and lose weight. You can get your protein through meats, eggs, nuts, fish, and dairy.

Example: a serving of protein is 4 ounces for women and 8 ounces for men.

Pro Tip: Buy canned meats, frozen seafood & cook burger patties for easy protein sources. Even if you are vegetarian you should keep portioned protein sources ready to go.

Pro Tip 4: Plan for Leftovers

When cooking recipes for one you may have to cut the recipe down leaving you left over ingredients.

PRO TIP: Use leftover ingredients for your snacks in other recipes for the weeks. Veggies are great for multipurpose use in other meals throughout the week.

Pro Tip 5:

Be organized! Make sure to keep your pantry, fridge, and freezer organized. Organizing will save you time, money & waste.

PRO TIP: Always Cross-reference your weekly grocery list with your weekly menu for items you may have already.

If you need additional help for meal prepping for , check out one of my eBook Food for Fat Loss!

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