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Bringing Sexy Back

I promise you, if you focus on doing these 7 things for the next 21 days you’ll see & feel your RESULTS! It’s as simple as….

  1. Drinking more WATER: By drinking more water you keep your entire body inside and out, including skin hydrated. Water helps us:

    1. curb unhealthy food cravings.

    2. remove toxins & waste.

    3. improve the appearance of our skin, hair, and nails.

  2. Eating your Protein & Veggies: Protein is necessary to build & repair muscles, increase energy, and keeps us feeling full, while veggies give us a vitamin and antioxidant boost. Increasing protein and veggies in the diet also improve the appearance of skin, hair, and nails.

    1. First pick your favorite protein.

    2. Second, pick your favorite vegetables.

    3. Lastly, focus on complex carbs.

  3. Cut back on Simple Carbs: Simple carbs and processed carbs, like white bread or candy, lead to weight gain. Also, desserts act as appetite stimulants and may lead you to over-eat, leading to weight gain. Improve your energy, mood, keep your hormones balanced and stay fuller longer with Complex Carbs like:

    1. Sweet potato

    2. Whole Oats & Grains

    3. Beans

  4. Add Healthy Fats: You don’t have to cut your healthy fats to drop body fat. In fact, having healthy fats will help us look as good as we feel. Incorporate more healthy fats like:

    1. Coconut oil

    2. Olive oil

    3. Avocados

    4. Grass-fed butter and Ghee

    5. Seeds and Nuts

    6. cold water fish like Salmon & Halibut

  5. Move your body more: Summer months are perfect for working up a good sweat during our workouts! Sweating can benefit us by:

    1. Dropping extra pounds

    2. Removing toxins.

    3. Increasing endorphins.

    4. Boosting the immune system.

  6. Reduce Stress: When you’re extremely stressed and don’t properly release your stress, you can feel sick and prolonged exposure can cause premature aging and weight gain. When we reduce our stress levels it helps with:

    1. Weight management

    2. Hormone balancing

    3. Cust about every other process in the body

  7. Go Outside: We’ve all been inside TOO MUCH this year, so join me June 19th for LABB @ The Park and let’s get outside and reap the physical mental & emotional benefits being outside provides:

    1. Naturally produce vitamin D

    2. Vitamin D balances our hormones and boost the immune system.

    3. Sunlight reduces depression and seasonal affective disorder.

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