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6 Tips for Surviving any Holiday Dinner

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Holiday Dinners may look a lot different for many but if you’re like my family, you still gather together to cook a delicious dinner with all the trimmings, desserts & libations.

The Holiday is the one day I hope you can enjoy yourself, your family and food while being mindful of your new lifestyle changes.

Whether you’re connecting with your entire extended family or just keeping it small with your household my Pro Tips for Surviving Holiday Dinner can help you avoid sabotaging a month of progress while reinforcing your new habits.

It's one day, not an entire month: We often STOP everything just as we approach the holiday season. In fact, it's not that we're overly consuming foods but more that we've decreased our physical activity. Remember from October - December there are only 3 major holidays, it's not an entire 60 day free for all.

Don't add sugar to veggies: I don't care what it is, stop adding sugar to veggies and sweet potatoes. That is all!

Let go of perfect: Changing your lifestyle is never about perfection but about daily habits and routines. Don't let go of your routines during the holiday seasons or day, but stay focused on healthy meals and snacks so you properly fuel yourself before a not so nutritious meal.

Focus on progress: If your goal is to be different, healthier and better. Prioritize that today and everyday! No, don't be overly restrictive or avoid dinner but your approach to serving size, portion control, and gluttony should align with your goals. It won't be easy and your willpower, discipline and hhhh will be tested during this time.

Be picky with dessert: You really don't need to taste everything and you'll probably be more satisfied by planning and picking desserts you REALLY ENJOY during this holiday season. Go for desserts that are homemade and are rarely made. Trust me, you'll have plenty of time to consume those fake, processed, pasty cookies, cakes & desserts from the market.

Workout at home: Gyms and Fitness Centers may be closed on the holiday but that doesn't mean you shouldn't workout before dinner. Hit your favorite workout, join my Online Boot Camp or simply go for a jog. But whatever you do, do not wait for the next day or week to resume your activity.

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