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Whys or Why nots to Challenge

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

A well-structured and sustainable challenge should:

1. Encourage healthy sustainable nutrition approaches & supplementation.

2. Create realistic fitness schedule for all fitness levels.

3. Provide objectives to Create Structure & Accountability

4. Educate & empower you with tools to implement after the challenge

Challenges are great at kickstarting your journey and can help you reach your goals. But most importantly Challenges should be an educational tool & behavioral process that helps you learn to change your lifestyle not just your month!

My challenges are structured to help you create mindful behavior shifts, sustainable habits & an improved quality of life. If your goals to create a new and better you, your challenge must support habits & behaviors that align with what you envision.

That’s why I stand behind my monthly challenges, because I know they work and they are built on the proper foundation. Join ANY of my Challenges by clicking the link below.

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