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More than 90% of people have CRAVINGS, SO…Don’t STOP your cravings, SWAP your cravings. Yes, it does sound a little silly but let’s learn more behind the SCIENCE OF CRAVINGS before you go purging your kitchen and eliminating all your favorite foods.

According to Webster Dictionary a craving is an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing. Or for a more dramatic definition, Medical News’ Today defines cravings as an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing.

Whether you’re a male who tends to crave savory foods more than women, or female who is more likely to crave high fat, sweet food, cravings happen they are real and we can learn to feel more in control when we have them, the more we understand them.

There has been a lot of science and research on the physiological causes of cravings & how to bio hack those triggers, but I want to keep this 411 with Fits L blog post fairly simple to help you create a quick & effective plan of action.



Selective cravings are cravings for specific foods:

Ex: Favorite chocolate bar or flavor of chips.

Ex: Particular burger from a particular restaurant.

Ex: Comfort food that reminds you of fond memories.


Non Selective hunger is the desire to eat anything:

Ex: It may be the result of real hunger.

Ex: Can also be a sign of thirst. Drinking water may. help with intense non selective cravings.


SWAP chips with a salty snack that is higher in healthful fats and protein.

Healthier Options

EX: Salted cashews or peanuts (salt free is healthier)

EX: Veggie Chips (Search: Terra Veggie Chips)

EX: Air Popped Popcorn EX: Crunchy Veggies w. 2 tbsp. of Yogurt Based Dressing


SWAP traditional chocolate bars for brands that contain at least 70% cocoa. NOTE: Cocoa is rich in antioxidants. Dark chocolate has a more intense flavor than milk chocolate. You may feel more satisfied with a smaller portion.


SWAP with sweet fruit, such as peaches, cherries, or melon and healthier options. Remember the more you consume processed sugar the more you'll crave it, learning to swap it out will result in huge benefits.

Healthier Options EX: Dried & Fresh Fruit

EX: Plain Greek Yogurt & Fresh Berries w. Honey

EX: Healthy takes on classic desserts

EX: Protein Shake or Protein Sweet Treats


SWAP full fat cheese with low fat, low sodium versions for a more healthful option. NOTE Nutritional yeast, a nutty, savory food, can lend a cheesy flavor to foods. Nutritional yeast is rich in B-complex vitamins and folic acid, and it often contains vitamin B12. Dairy has a natural enzyme that makes us bloated by decreasing your dairy consumption you may reduce your belly bulge.

Learn to respond to your cravings in a more nutrient dense manner and consider WHY you may be craving what you crave. Do you need more sleep? Are you properly fueled? Are you dehydrated?

Remember, cravings are going to happen, it’s how you respond to those cravings that matter most. If you respond with processed, sugary, fried foods, you’ll start to a negative impact on your health & a potential weight gain. Keep learning more with, let’s require you relationship with food, and learn to swap out your cravings with one of my Nutrition Plans.

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