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5 Steps for Slaying & Staying on Track with your Resolutions

Make a cue-based plan

Note: Make sure to plot when and where you'll work on your New Year's resolution so it jogs your memory when it's times to execute!

Suggestion: Instead of saying “I want to workout more” say, “I’ll workout 3 days a week, M/W/TH after work, I’ll join Lana on Zoom”

Consider a penalty clause

Note: Don’t punish yourself but have a healthy penalty set in place for when you miss the mark. You can share this with friends to help hold you accountable.

Suggestion: If you miss one of your 3 weekly workouts, you must choose another day to “make-up” the missed workout.

Make it fun

Note: Again, your goal or resolution shouldn’t be a punishment. You should one, want to change and two desire the positive benefits of the change.

Suggestion: After writing out your goals. Write out or journal why it’s important for you to achieve your resolutions. Next, jot down a few positive changes this will have on your quality of life. Lastly, be patient & learn to enjoy the process.

Allow for emergencies

Note: Emergencies and life happen, if you completely fall of track don’t let that derail your total efforts.

Suggestion: Give yourself a little wiggle room here & there, also known as GRACE. Your goals should be tough but if an emergency happens it’s okay to deviate from the plan.

Get a little help from your friends

Note: Share your goals with a few people you trust. Ask them for their support and give them instructions on how they can support you.

Suggestion: Draft a note to share with your TRIBE, let them know your goals, share your whys, and then ask for their support and share how they can support you in safe & nurturing way. This way you’ll have accountability but will have also set healthy boundaries.

New Years Resolutions is a great way to kickstart CHANGE, but remember it’s a process and you should continue pushing through the entire year.

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