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Do's & Don'ts of Overeating

Whether the holidays or a crazy weekend the numbers on rule is GET BACK ON TRACK!

Don't spend time loathing yourself, skipping meals, and punishing yourself. Instead appreciate the treats you enjoyed, the memories & learn from the triggers.

The reason you are so upset with yourself may be deeper than that one meal but instead focused around your inability to stay committed to your plan the majority of the time.

So instead of going to extremes, lets do the following:

  1. Accept & Appreciate the treats. They happened you can't take them back.

  2. Learn from the Triggers: What lead you to cheat, treat or binge? Was it an emotional choice?

  3. Get Right Back On Track: Don't let one day derail you for the entire week or month. You wouldn't flatten the remaining 3 tires after finding a nail in just one.

  4. Workout because you can: Don't use your workouts as a punishment but a way to honor your body.

  5. Plan for a BETTER day: Set a menu, grocery shop, cook a healthy meal, and stay hydrated.

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