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Jan 14, 2023 - Feb 14, 2023

Rewired Challenge

  • 32Days
  • 30Steps


Ask most people and their New Years Resolutions are to eat healthier, move more, and simple be healthy! And even if we are intentional and motivated it’s extremely hard to know where to start, create a routine and stick to it. That’s because you have to rewire your relationship with food and fitness and not just have the desire to change. But how? This Challenge is designed to help get you started! It’s dedicated to making sure you define your goals and identify your obstacles so that you have a plan that’s effective, easy to follow and sustain. For 30 Days you’ll have all access to my coaching, guidance, accountability and support. Moving your body and eating more Whole Foods are the best ways to improve your mood and your health, and that’s what this challenge is all about. No magic pill, teas, or wraps or wizardry. Just 30 days of exercises, nutrition education, habit and modification hacks and objectives. My challenges are all online and are built for any time and any location, all you need are dumbbells and FitsLana Resistance Band Bags! Follow the daily steps & objectives, answer the questionnaire and respond to my messages, complete the 30 minute workouts and featured exercise videos, and let's help you rewire your relationship with fitness and food!

You can also join this program via the mobile app.




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