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The 4 S’s of Healthy Snacking Habits

Do you find yourself…

Eating or finishing the kids snacks and meals?

Mindlessly snacking while bored & tired?

Snacking on junk while preparing dinner?

If you answered “yes” to any of those, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, it’s happened to most of us. These habits although comforting are the same obstacles that are holding you back from reaching your goals. So instead of agonizing over what to do focus on my “FOUR S’s for Creating Healthy Snacking Habits.

1. Stay Hydrated: Drinking water can decrease your appetite and decrease your overall calorie intake at mealtimes. If you’re not a fan of plain water DIY fruit and lemon infusions may help.

2. Stick to a plan: Everybody’s daily routine varies, so try a few routines out, find one that works & stick to it. Make it a rule to start your day with a protein packed breakfast and end your days with a protein shake before bed. Routines Work!

3. Slow it down: I know it’s easy to devour your food when hungry, but by slowing down & chewing your food you can avoid snacking later. Studies have shown people who eat slower feel fuller and for longer periods of time.

4. Swap It: I’m going state the obvious, you have to purchase and stock your kitchen with healthier snacks to avoid temptation. Next, learn healthy swaps for your favorite treats.

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