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Fast Food Cheat Sheet

Fast Food restaurants are everywhere, and I know we all have our personal preferences and debates on which restaurant has the best burger, fries or milkshake.

But if you’re goals to drop body fat, maintain or build muscle it’s more important to understand how to make healthier choices while at some of our favorite locations.

1. Pay attention to Portion Size:

Try to keep your fast-food meal under 500 calories. Avoid double burgers, larger servings, and super sizes. Check the menu beforehand, and remember it’s okay to eat a Kid’s Meal!

2. Choose Healthier Side Dishes & Swaps:

Instead of fries have a side salad fruit or corn on the cob. Or swap your bun for a lettuce wrap and indulge in an order of fries, baked potato, or fried green beans.

3. Go for the Greens:

Choose a leafy salad or a bowl. Watch out for hidden calories linked to salad dressings & toppings.

4. Opt for Protein & Fiber:

Look for items with more good stuff, like fiber, whole grains, and high-quality protein. Also aim for options that are relatively low in saturated fats & avoid trans fats.

5. Get it Grilled:

If it’s breaded and fried it’s higher in calories. Choose grilled or roasted options.

6. Watch what you Drink:

A 30-ounce soda is about 300 calories. Pack your BCAA’s or choose an unsweetened tea, sparking water, mineral water, or “water, water.”

7. Have it your Way:

You can ask to swap, switch and omit any item you want. You don’t have to settle and can ask for healthier options & swaps, even at Fast-Food restaurants.

Ya’ll know me & know I am realistic! So instead of guilting you, I want to educate & empower you to make informed healthier choices. Take a look at the Fast Food Cheat Sheet Below:

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