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Cottage Cheese vs Greek Yogurt

Is cottage cheese or Greek yogurt healthier?

Personally, I am an explicit fan of Greek Yogurt and I have a strong disdain for Cottage Cheese. It's the texture for me, but it's not about my personal preference but the NUTRITIONAL VALUE!

Both boast impressive numbers that make them an excellent choice for a low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar breakfast or snack but let's dig deeper and see how these two fan favorites compare:

all values vary based on brand/manufacture - read labels of your favorite brands.


1 cup of low-fat Cottage Cheese is about 180 calories per cup.

1 cup of low-fat plain Greek yogurt contains about 179 calories per cup.


1 cup of low-fat Cottage Cheese 22-39 grams per cup.

1 cup of low-fat Plain Greek Yogurt 18-22g grams per cup.


1 cup of Plain Greek Yogurt has about 1-4.3 grams of fat per cup.

1 cup of Plain Greek Yogurt has about 1-4.1 grams of fat per cup.


1 cup of Plain Greek Yogurt has about 4-16 grams of sugar per cup.

1 cup of Plain Greek Yogurt has about 5-11.4 grams of sugar per cup.


Some brands of Cottage Cheese contain probiotics.

Not all brands of cottage cheese contain probiotics, though, so be sure to read the label.

Greek yogurt is more likely to contain those microscopic gut-friendly bacteria, PROBIOTICS


1 cup of low-fat Cottage Cheese has about 227 mg of calcium.

1 cup low-fat Greek yogurt has about 282 mg of calcium.


1 cup of low-fat Cottage Cheese has 8-9 times the sodium found in Greek yogurt.

1 cup of low-fat Cottage Cheese can have an upwards of 700 mg of Sodium.

1 cup of Greek yogurt has about 83 mg of sodium.


Low-fat Cottage Cheese contains Calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin A

Low-fat Greek Yogurt contains Vitamin B12, riboflavin (B2), and selenium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin A, and Potassium


Cottage cheese is chunky and much milder in flavor.

Greek yogurt is thick and creamy and refreshingly tart.

Pro Tip: Try having your Cottage Cheese in the evening since it's a slow digesting Casei

n Protein. Pair with peanut butter at night helps keep you and your muscles full and fueled during your sleep.

Pro Tip: Try having your Greek Yogurt during the day for a yummy fulfilling snack. Choose plain options to avoid those added sugars & excess carbs. Top your yogurt with fruit, low sugar granola, and protein powder.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Choose brands that use organic milk from grass-fed cows when you can.

  2. Pick plain the flavor to avoid added sugars. Flavored varieties tend to up the sugar exponentially.

  3. Add your own fresh berries, nuts, and seeds and granola for toppings.

  4. Read nutrition labels for granola, check for ADDED SUGARS!

  5. Follow serving size.

  6. Cottage cheese does have a slight advantage in terms of a little less sugar.

  7. Greek yogurt has slightly more protein per cup.

The Nutrional value in both Cottage Cheese and Greek Yogurt are very similar.

Whatever your preference you can make a more educated and healthful choice using these 411 with Fits L tips! Need more guidance & structure, book TIME TO TALK and book a FREE CONSULT~

And remember, my suggestions and blog posts are here to help SPARK that interest in what you're eating and how it affects you and your mood! Start reading nutritional labels and learn more about the food you consume. Learn more about Nutritional Labels,

Lastly, if it needs a nutrition label - ITS NOT ALL NATURAL. When's the last time you ready "ALL NATURAL" on an apple!? heheh

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