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5 Empowering Non Scale Victories

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Happy MonSlay! I hope you had a great weekend, and this 411 with

Fits L reaches you in good spirits and positive vibes! August is a wrap

and if you have been working towards your fitness & nutrition goals

I want to encourage you to find ways other than the scale to measure

your progress. As your coach I have probably asked you to do one

of the following:

• Take your measurements

• Take progress photos

• Weigh yourself

And I do use those to track & measure your progress, but I highly

recommend you include a few NON-SCALE VICTORIES & TRACKERS

as well.

1.Track Your Workouts

One of the most important factors in this journey is consistency, and that is why my clients have success with my programs. Start writing out each workout from the exercises, reps, sets and how much weight you used. This way you note your weekly personal records and progressions.

Action Item: Find a notebook or create a folder on your phone. Write down your workouts & repeat the same routine for at least 4 weeks.

2.Clothes Fit Looser

Whether the scale shows it or not you will notice your jeans fitting looser, or maybe you have confidence to throw on that crop top, bikini, or sports bra! Whatever the garment, using your wardrobe is a great way to track your weekly progress!

Action Item: Take photos in an outfit you would like to fit, or use an old photo wearing your “goal garment” see #samedressdifferentgirl

3.More Energy (Better Mood)

Working out is a natural energy booster by reducing cortisol levels and increasing endorphins (the feel-good hormone). Many people who start a new workout routine may share that they have a little more pep in their step, more swag in their style, and just feel better!

Action Item: Keep a regular journal tracking your moods, goals, and feelings. Journaling helps you release your feelings, may reduce stress levels, and can provide self-relief. Also, you can always reflect on an old entry to help process feelings, triggers & habits.

4.Measure Your Strength

Sometimes the best way to measure your progress is to first measure and record what you can do currently! Maybe when you first started my LABB Class and Programs you were unable to

complete a proper squat, advanced planks, or heavy weight shoulder presses. But now, after 8 weeks you complete all 3 with ease, little challenge and may even add progressions!

Action Item: Join a safe and progressive challenge. Join My “Fall into Fitness with FitsLana: 30 Day Challenge” email here.


Whether you feel more confident to apply for a new job, wear a swimsuit, take a full body photo, or finally share your workouts online having the confidence to live your best life, unapologetically,

is my FAVORITE and the most important NON SCALE VICTORY!

Action Item: Write down 5 things/affirmations you like about yourself. Can’t think of any? Email here to sign up for your free gains and goals consult and let’s get you on the track for success.

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